Daily Gaming News – 22/02/13

February 22, 2013

Friday! Gaming news Friday!
  • NEWS: RIP Kenji Eno. The Japanese designer behind the horror video game series D and Real Sound, an adventure game for the blind, has died of a heart failure at the age 42.
  • NEWS: As mentioned on IGN, Sony’s PlayStation 4 won’t be compatible with Dualshock 3 controllers, the ones used with the PlayStation 3. It will, however, be compatible with the Move.
  • NEWS: Bioware has revealed details about the two final pieces of Mass Effect 3 DLC. The single-player content, titled Citadel, revolves around a conspiracy targeting Commander Shepard and will be released on March the 5th for USD$14.99 or 1200 MS points. The multiplayer content, titled Reckoning, adds new classes and weapons to the fold and will be released for free on February the 26th.
  • NEWS: Mass Effect 3 isn’t the only game with its DLC pants on. Xbox Live Arcade game Spelunky also has two new chunks of content, both of which have already hit the store. Joystiq reports that the Explorers DLC adds eight more characters to go on your cave-diving journeys, while the Arenas DLC adds 24 multiplayer deathmatch maps. Both will set you back 160 MS points.
  • NEWS: Mac users don’t have long to wait before Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is available for them to play. Less than a day, in fact, as seen on Beamdog.
  • NEWS: On the flip side, developer Bohemia Interactive has announced on its blog that Arma 3 will not only be PC-exclusive, but Steam-exclusive as well.
  • NEWS: