Daily Gaming News – 13/08/2013

August 14, 2013

NEWS: Microsoft have announced that Kinect 2.0 is no longer required to run the Xbone. The sensor will still ship alongside Xbones but will now allow the console to run on its own. Despite the fact Microsoft have trashed more of their original plans, this sounds like an intricate plan to squash conspiracy memes and encourage users to trust the HAL 9000 … er Kinect 2.0.

NEWS: Swedish pro gamers ‘Alliance’ took out the third annual Dota 2 World Championship in Seattle this week. The prize? $1.57 million AUD. Yeah, no biggie.

NEWS: Mike Bithell, creator of cult puzzler Thomas Was Alone, has announced his new game Volume to be released sometime 2014. Bithel describes the game as a “fast paced, smart action game” with a heavy emphasis placed on stealth. Check out the announcement trailer below.

NEWS: WWE 2k14 will feature a nostalgic retrospective single-player that will take players through over 45 iconic matches spanning 30 years of Wrestlemania.

NEWS: Satoru Iwata says that the lack of WiiU sales can’t be attributed to price, as premium console continue to outsell standard packs. The real issue lies with a lack of software for the console. Despite low WiiU sales however, the 3DS has been predicted to top US sales charts again for July after holding the lead through both May and June .

VIDEO: And finally, to end on a Nintendo note, check out this rad Super Metroid short by DaveRapoza.