Daily Gaming News – 13/05/13

May 13, 2013

  • NEWS: The first reviews for Metro: Last Light have hit the web. Official PlayStation Magazine UK has awarded the game 9/10, meanwhile Games TM have scored it an 8/10, citing average AI and a bland ammunition economy as negatives.
  • NEWS: Citing OXM UK, Gaming Everything has the first details on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. According to the report, the team would like to reduce the hand holding of Lords of Shadow, opening up the formula, and adding options to toggle on/off hints and cues (such as grapple points). Bosses have taken a change from Lords of Shadow, focusing on more varied structure, and some longer battles. The Blood Whip has been replaced by the Combat Cross, though both generally function the same, meanwhile the addition of Void and Chaos weapons will allow players to leach health and break shields respectively. Mission summaries have been replaced with teleporters not unlike older Castlevania titles, and level design in general is more seamless. More details on Lords of Shadow 2 are expected at E3 2013 at the latest.
  • NEWS: If you didn’t know, Valve updated their Half-Life 2 series games with support for both SteamPipe and Oculus Rift. SteamPipe should increase load times, as well as download speeds for future updates. Ocolus Rift support is as it sounds; compatibility with the devkit build of the stereoscopic head tracking display. The collective of updates did not, unfortunately, include Half-Life 2: Episode 3.
  • NEWS: The Creative Assembly’s Rome II: Total War has been given a release date of 3 September 2013. We advise you take the month off.