Rumour: Castlevania: Mirror of Fate for 3DS

May 22, 2012

A Castlevania title for the Nintendo 3DS has been rumoured for a long time now. Most following the original rumours probably thought it dead. It would seem this is not so. According to the Netherlands based website n1tendo, a new Castlevania is indeed on the way, and it’s called Castlevania: Mirror of Fate.

According to the rumour, Konami has been working on a 3DS exclusive Castlevania title, development primarily at the hands of Mercury Steam. Best known for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Mercury Steam has been rumoured for some time to be working on Lords of Shadow 2, or an appropriately named sequel. If this rumour is correct, it would appear they’re also working on a portable iteration of the franchise.

The rumour doesn’t detail much about the actual game, except that it is based on 2D assets and gameplay, and thus probably similar to the Nintendo DS iterations. Additionally, the game is apparently being worked on by Enric Alvarez, who worked as both the director and writer for Lords of Shadow.

Sound good, but have some doubts? Well don’t, because this rumour looks to be all but confirmed. Castlevania 3DS rumours have been popping up from multiple sources for some time and, in a weird attempt to bury this rumour, Konami requested n1tendo retract their reports. There’s also the fact that Konami has registered domain names for Mirror of This doesn’t leave much open for interpretation.

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate is apparently set to be revealed at E3 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS. If true (and we’re pretty certain it is), we’ll be sure to have the scoop.