Daily Gaming News – 04/03/13

March 4, 2013

  • NEWS: Reports are coming in from multiple sources (handily compiled by AllGamesBeta) that Infinity Ward veteran and Call of Duty co-creator Jason West has left his position at Respawn Entertainment. Both West and and Vince Zampella formed Call of Duty headlining studio Infinity Ward back in 2002, though resigned in 2010 after creative differences and legal troubles with publisher Activision. Partnering with EA, West and Zampella formed Respawn Entertainment, who are currently scheduled to reveal their next generation title at E3 2013. If rumours are to be believed, West has stepped down from Respawn, though with no animosity between him, the studio, and the publisher. Apparently West’s departure is due to family issues and a desire to resign.
  • NEWS: Whoever is running the official Bravely Default: Flying Fairy twitter is either a cheeky bugger, or dropping some exciting hints. Though we’ll spare you the garbled English translation, the feed has twice noticed the demand for Bravely Default from international fans, noting that the team is doing its best to get the game localised. Bravely Default launched for the Nintendo 3DS in October last year, though exclusively for Japan. A localisation is yet to be official announced, but is well and truly near the top of the demand list for international JRPG fans.
  • NEWS: Word from Japan is that Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 – Break Code has been announced. The game is expected to be an enhanced port of the Nintendo DS title Devil Survivor 2. The decision for an enhanced port follows the similarly enhanced Devil Survivor, which will release for PAL 3DS’s in April.
  • NEWS: Jerry Bruckheimer Games has closed, Gamespot is reporting. Founded by the famous film and television producer in 2007, the interactive entertainment focused studio produced a grand total of zero games. Going forward appears business as usual, even if said business is no more.
  • NEWS: Could Saint’s Row 4 and Dragon Age 3 appear at PAX East? Maybe. The former tease comes from Aubry Norris, Deep Silver’s press representative, who teased on twitter that those skipping PAX East are going to miss out on “something HUGE”. Saint’s Row 4 has known to be in development for some time, and was picked up by Deep Silver during THQ’s bankruptcy sale. As for Dragon Age 3, again we have twitter teasing, this time from Dragon Age producer Mark Darrah. Darrah noted he’ll be at PAX East, and hashtagged in #DA3. Pretty obvious, no? PAX East will take place in Boston between 22 and 24 of March.
  • VIDEO: And here’s a new Japanese trailer for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2.

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