Daily Gaming News – 03/04/13

April 3, 2013

VIDEO GAME NEWS? Video game news.

  • NEWS: Poor, poor War Z. A couple of months after the controversy surrounding the game got cleaned up, the game is facing another problem, this time in the form of a forum and database hack. Thankfully, no payment information has been exposed, but email addresses have been taken and passwords, although encrypted, may be brute forced. Publisher OP Productions recommends that all War Z players change their passwords as soon as possible.
  • NEWS: Square Enix’s Los Angeles division has been hit by layoffs, with an unknown number of positions being axed as part of “corporate restructuring”.
  • NEWS: The EU version of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked has a number of nasty bugs in it, with developer Ghostlight working on fixing them up. These bugs include the game hanging or freezing “if you summon a demon during battle” or “if an auction house seller lies about stats”.
  • NEWS: Gas Powered Games, known for their recent Kickstarter campaign for a game called Wildman, will no longer be developing that title. Instead, they have gone under a bit of a makeover, with the company tentatively renaming itself to Wargaming Seattle. The company will now also be working on a free-to-play, triple-A MMO.
  • NEWS: The sequel to one of the craziest punching games, Zeno Clash II, will be hitting Steam on April 30. As seems to be custom, pre-purchase will net you a tasty 10% discount.
  • NEWS: Collectors rejoice: McFarlane Toys has confirmed a second wave of Halo 4 action figures, including Master Chief, Elite Ranger, Storm Jackal. The figures come with a little bonus too, in the form of DLC, although the post over on the McFarlane Toys blog doesn’t drop any clues for now.
  • VIDEO: The Last of Us gets an extended story trailer, based on one that was aired during The Walking Dead.
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