Clint Hocking moves to Valve

July 12, 2012

The cult of Valve has ensnared yet another peon to worship all things Steam and Gabe Newell. The fortunate fool is Clint Hocking, who teased such developments on his twitter feed.

Hocking is best known for his tenure at Ubisoft Montreal, where he is credited with establishing the Splinter Cell series of games. He served as the creative director for the earliest Splinter Cell games, including the critically acclaimed Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Finishing Chaos Theory would mark Hocking’s last Splinter Cell game, after which he moved on to Far Cry 2, where he would act as both lead designer and heavy promoter for the game.

Once Far Cry 2 was finished Hocking left Ubisoft Montreal for LucasArts, where he was rumoured to be working on a next generation first person game set within the Star Wars universe. Hocking ended his two year employment at LucasArts last month, assuring fans work at another studio had already been lined up.

And today we learn that studio is Valve. So there’s that.