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Bioshock for iOS Delisted from App Store

Following compatibility problems encountered with iOS version 8.4, 2K Games have made the decision to fully remove Bioshock from the iOS App Store just over 1 year after its release. Unlike on other digital stores where you would continue to have access to download theĀ  game and continue to play it, this has completely removed access to Bioshock for anyone who had purchased the game.

While this isn’t the first time a game has been delisted from the app store, it is potentially the most visible one. This isn’t a situation of a $0.99 game being delisted by a small Indie developer who was no longer able to support the game. This is a large publisher, perceived by users to have the resources and funding to continue patching and working on the game, revoking access to users who had purchased what was an expensive game by iOS standards.

Originally reported on TouchArcade, forum member dalglir contacted 2K’s support and was advised that it was a developer decision to remove the game. This implies that potentially 2K were not able to correct the issues or that the cost of continuing to try and correct the issues were no longer fiscally feasible. 2K have not released further comment on the situation.

While there is the potential that something is happening in the background within 2K to correct this, their current silence is adding fuel to the fire that was started after Konami revoked access to P.T. earlier in the year.

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