Play FIFA 13 with Rocket Chainsaw at EB Expo and win an Alienware M14x laptop!

September 25, 2012

After coming in almost-first place in the last Alienware tournament (also known as second place), Rocket Chainsaw will be competing again in another Alienware-sponsored event. The game this time is the upcoming FIFA 13, and the place is the EB Expo, Sydney.

Just like last time, Rocket Chainsaw and several other publications will play each other in a FIFA 13  tournament on Friday 5 October.

Each team is composed of one staff member and one reader, facing each other off in a 2 v 2 knockout competition. So, we know one of us has to participate – the question is, who wants to play with us? We’re looking for someone whose FIFA skills are spoken of only in whispers and legend, someone who can bring mighty goals with every flick , someone who can push buttons to make a virtual player kick a ball. But that’s not all. Once a winning team has come out on top, they’ll play 2 Sydney FC players in a final round, pitting virtual skills against real proper football skills.

If our team wins, the reader participating will win an Alienware gift pack, including an Alienware M14x laptop! We came second last time, so we only need to push a little bit further to come out on top.

If you think you have what it takes to take part in this competition, live in Sydney and can get to the EB Expo (Alienware Airstream Van, EB Expo Stand 20, Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park) from 11am-1pm on Friday 5 October, then we’ll need some evidence of it. Send in why you think you’d make a great team-mate (in 100 words or less) to with ‘Alienware Sydney’ in the subject headline. If you have more evidence to back it up, like video, links to your success, or anything else, send that along too.

Entries will close at midnight Tuesday 2 October, with a winner selected soon after. Once more unto the breach, dear readers, once more!