Xbox Australia Launches New Deal Hunter Website

November 29, 2016

Xbox Australia has launched a new Deal Hunter website allowing fans to check out all the best bundle deals from various Australian retailers. The Deal Hunter website lets you customise your search to include specific games, and even lets you scour through Limited Edition console deals such as the Halo 5: Guardians console from JB for $349, or the 2TB Gears of War 4 console from EB for $598.

The website gets updated daily by Xbox Australia, although some of the community have already commented that certain deals had expired. Given we’re in the midst of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend splurge however, we’re going to assume the site will get more accurate as the sales settle down.

[toggle_box title=”Some of the bundles available at the Xbox Australia Deal Hunter website:” width=”Width of toggle box”]Deal Hunter Website Deals[/toggle_box]

The Xbox Deal Hunter website looks to be a great option for parents that might be considering buying an Xbox for their children this christmas but unsure of what games to get or what the best deal is. Given you can quickly find that EB has a Skylanders bundle for $349, or that there’s a Minecraft Favourites Edition for $399 from various retailers, families can enjoy the simplicity of the website and ensure they get the best bundle in the holiday season.

So if you didn’t click on the link above, head to the Xbox Australia Deal Hunter website now to check out all the best console bundle deals available from Australian retailers.