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Wasteland 3 Crowdfunding Goal Met In 3 Days

Fans of InXile’s Wasteland franchise have flocked to the crowdfunding campaign to smash its target in just three days.

Wasteland 3 is a party-based role-playing game that promises complex story reactivity and strategic combat. There will now be vehicles, environmental dangers, and unique encounters. The game will be set in a frozen Colorado, where choices and sacrifices you make throughout the story will directly affect the world around you.

Wasteland 3 represents the most ambitious title that we have crowdfunded so far,” stated inXile Entertainment’s CEO Brian Fargo. “We wouldn’t be here without our fans and backers carrying the torch and we want to continue to repay them by making the best role-playing games possible. With Wasteland 3 we aim to over-deliver like never before.”

Currently sitting on $2,865,972 at 104% of its goal, and with 23 days remaining in the campaign, we expect stretch goals to also be met. Stretch goals currently include a car companion ($3 million), and a customisable ranger squad insignia ($3.1 million). Usually when crowdfunding targets are met this quickly, extra stretch targets are announced so if you’ve already pledged to the campaign, make sure to check back on the Wasteland 3 crowdfunding page to see what bonuses you’ll be getting.


Wasteland 3 will be simultaneously released on Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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