The Mage’s Tale Announced For Oculus Touch

February 27, 2017

inXile Entertainment, developers of The Bard’s Tale IV, Wasteland 2 and more, have revealed that they are currently developing The Mage’s Tale exclusively for Oculus Touch and that it will release in 2017.

Set in the same universe as The Bard’s Tale, the game is a first person dungeon crawling RPG where you will become a mighty conjurer on a quest to save your kidnapped master, Mage Alguin. To do this, you’ll need to conquer the games eleven dungeons, from sewers below the world to living tombs filled with puzzles, traps and deadly monsters.

To best your foes, you’ll have access to elemental powers, allowing to do shoot torrents of flame, ice javelins, lighting bolts and swirling tempests to destroy anything that makes the mistake of crossing your path. As you go deeper into the dungeons, you’ll discover and master powerful spell reagents which allow you to modify your spells, creating more exotic variants to obliterate you foes.