Valkyria Chronicles 4 Demo Released

August 8, 2018

The wait for a new console mainline Valkyria Chronicles has been a long one, with 10 years passing since the original game released for the PlayStation 3. The wait is almost over, with Valkyria Chronicles 4 releasing on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month, and now you can get an early head start with the game’s demo.

Available now on all three platforms, the Valkyria Chronicles 4 demo covers the game’s prologue, first two chapters and a special mission created exclusively for this demo. It represents a sizeable chunk of content to go hands on with and should be perfect to help you decide if the game is for you if you’re still on the fence. The best part of the demo however is the fact that your progress carries over to the game’s full release – a recent SEGA trend that we love. This means that if you’re planning on picking up the game, you really can get a head start on release day.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases on September 25 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so download the demo in the meantime and check out the opening movie below.