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Valkyria: Azure Revolution and Valkyria Chronicles Remaster Announced

After years of nothing but a PSP sequel that was never released outside of Japan and a PC port of the first game, SEGA has announced a remaster of the original Valkyria Chronicles, in addition to a brand new game titled Valkyria: Azure Revolution, via Famitsu.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution, which is being developed by Media.Vision, moves away from the strategy RPG genre of the past games and will be a real-time RPG. Takeshi Ozawa, the director of the project, also revealed that they are commissioning music from a famous musician, but would not reveal who. This implies that Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer on past Valkyria Chronicles titles, may not be working on this project.

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster is exactly what the name implies, a remaster of the original Valkyria Chronicles. The remaster will feature high-resolution graphics, downloadable content and trophies. It will also come with a demo of Valkyria: Azure Revolution.

Both Valkyria: Azure Revolution and Valkyria Chronicles Remaster will be released on PlayStation 4, with no Western release dates being announced.

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