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Ubisoft Announces For Honor Season Pass And Open Beta

Ubisoft have revealed that their upcoming melee-battle game, For Honor, will have a season pass available from launch and have detailed what you will receive as part of it. Along with this, Ubisoft have also announced there will be an open beta for For Honor that will run from February 10 to 13. If you missed out on the recent closed beta, that’s when you’ll have your chance to try out the PvP modes of For Honor.

for honor season pass

If you’ve followed Rainbow Six Siege then For Honor’s season pass may look pretty familiar to you. Mostly, because it is. With For Honor’s season pass you will receive 7-day early access to six new heroes that will introduced throughout the season. These heroes will then become available to all players to unlock after those seven days have passed.

Additionally, For Honor‘s season pass includes a range items built to give you an early advantage in the game’s lifecycle and to make your character look more elite then ever. Firstly, you will have access to a special 30-day Champion Status that gives an additional XP boost to yourself and friends from battle, yourself more XP from crafting and more endgame loot. You also receive three scavenger crates to unlock additional gear and three exclusive emblem outlines. Along with these, you will also receive a special sunbeam effect that will alter all emotes within the game and six exclusive elite outfits for the new Heroes that will be introduced.

All of this content, other than the new Heroes, will be available when For Honor launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 14, 2017.


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