Posted October 6, 2016 by Sean Warhurst in Feature

Split-Screen Functionality Removed from For Honor

Despite previously referring to the functionality as absolutely essential for the full For Honor experience, Ubisoft have confirmed that they’ve decided to drop split-screen play from their upcoming third-person brawler.

During an internal interview, For Honor Producer Stephane Cardin stated “We decided this week to cut the split-screen … when we look at what needs to be done to support online co-op, for us it was critical to make the decision now so we can polish all the features at the AAA level and so we have the most amazing experience.”

Ubisoft have previously been adamant about the inclusion of this feature, so it’s a curious decision but one that’s not entirely unexpected given the technical challenges that can come with developing local co-op functionality in tandem with online multiplayer.

For Honor is set to release in early 2017.

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