The Outer Worlds Switch Improvement Patch Coming Next Week

October 18, 2020

When we originally took a look at The Outer Worlds last year we called it one of our favourite RPGs of the generation. So, the announcement that The Outer Worlds would come to Switch and therefore allow more people to play the game was a welcome announcement. Unfortunately, what was released was a severely hamstrung experience that actively harmed the game. Now, months after release The Outer Worlds in Switch finally seems to be getting a big improvement patch.

Announced via the official The Outer Worlds Twitter account, we got confirmation of one of the updates we’ll see coming for the Switch version. As you can see in the below comparison screenshot, there’s going to be big improvements to the graphics of the game, which were a blurry and barren mess at launch. You can see more objects in the world, skyboxes being reintroduced and improved complexity to buildings.

There are reportedly more improvements coming with the patch, but we don’t have further details on those as yet. Hopefully they address some of the severe frame rate and resolution issues the game faces, along with the streaming issues that occasionally popped up. The game will also be discounted from the day after this patch launches, so if there’s a bit shift in quality that might be a great time to pick the game up.

The Outer Worlds is out now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with this patch launching on October 21.