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Rocket Chainsaw’s Top 11 Games of the Decade

It’s incredible to think that we’ve come to the end of another decade of video games. While the 2000s saw the death of SEGA’s console division and the birth of the Xbox, this decade has been a little quieter. We’ve seen the ris...

Merch Christmas Gifts Guide

Ever find you know that one person that purchases all the games they want? Or maybe you just want to think outside the box a little and get something a bit different, while still catering to their videogame obsession? Well here...

Rocket Chainsaw Staff Games of the Year 2015

With the end of 2015 quickly approaching and no more games to be released, now seems like the perfect time for us to explore which games we consider to be our favourites of 2015. Each Rocket Chainsaw writer has chosen one title...