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The Nioh Collection Is Coming To PS5

Much of the time spent coming up to this fledging new generation of console has been spent confirming which games would make the jump from last gen to this gen. We’ve got games like Borderlands 3, DOOM Eternal, ESO and more tha...

PS Plus November 2019 freebies announced

PlayStation has announced the PS Plus freebies for November will be Nioh and Outlast 2. Both games will be available to download from 5th November to 3rd December. Nioh is an action game set in Japan during a dark fantasy versi...

Nioh Review

Team Ninja headlines a samurai epic that re-positions the developer as a name to be known, with an action RPG that breaths life into the genre.


E3 2016: Nioh Preview

Nioh is a game that I have had my eye on from its re-unveiling at TGS last year. I mean, it’s hard not to be excited by the idea of playing as a badarse samurai taking down demons in feudal Japan. However, in true Team-Ninja fa...

Daily Gaming News – May 20, 2016

All of the day's gaming news in dissolvable-in-water video form.