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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review – Good, Dumb Fun

There’s something to be said about a game that is just fun. There’s no big dramatic story filled with heart-wrenching scenes or combat designed to make you die over and over, just some colourful aesthetics and good, dumb fun. I...

August 2020 PlayStation Plus Games Announced

Another month, another set of free games to download as part of being a PlayStation Plus member. While some months can tend to be pretty weak (filled with super old games or ones that aren’t necessarily all that good), this mon...

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Beta Impressions

Have you ever watched an episode of Wipeout and thought, ‘Hey, that could be a fun game!’? How about finding out that a number of games were made based on the show, but they were all utter trash? What if I told you that someone...