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Australian E3 2017 Press Conference Times

It’s that time of the year again when we all decide whether to do an all-nighter, set our alarms, or just wing it and see what conferences we can catch live, but no matter what your plans are Rocket Chainsaw has you cover...

Date & Time for Sony’s E3 Press Conference Announced

In invites sent out to press today, Sony unveiled the date and time of their press conference this year at E3 2017 at Los Angeles. The press conference will take place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, the same venue as ...

Daily Gaming News – February 9, 2017

All of today's gaming news in open-to-the-public video form!


E3 2016: FIFA 17 Preview

Out of the many titles showcased at EA’s separate EA Play Event, outside of E3, few were as popular as FIFA 17. With its own balcony overlooking LA Live, there were rows of consoles lined up for soccer fans to try out FIF...

E3 2016 – Sony E3 Press Conference video roundup

Sony’s conference was lighter on detail than Microsoft’s, which makes for a shorter video, but if you didn’t have time to catch the whole thing, then you should definitely set aside a touch under eight minutes...

Rocket Chainsaw Staff Roundtable Volume 2 – E3 2015 Reflections

In the second Rocket Chainsaw Staff Roundtable, we reflect on E3 2015 and our favourite titles from the show.       ANTHONY: After attending E3 the last few years, the 2015 expo was undoubtedly the best for some ...


Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Preview – E3 2015

The Sniper series has always enjoyed a loyal following but the first two entries were somewhat of a critical hit and miss. With the power of the Xbox One and PS4, developer and publisher CI Games are hoping to deliver a wholly ...

Battleborn Preview – E3 2015

Heading to play Battleborn at E3, I’ll admit I had no idea what to expect. As a hardcore fan of third and first-person shooters, I’m very resistant to trying any games that reside outside these genres. I was not onl...

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Preview – E3 2015

At E3, I was treated to a behind closed door presentation of Call of Duty: Blacks Ops III. The preview expanded on the campaign demonstration seen at Sony’s press conference. With staple developers Treyarch again at the h...


Star Fox Zero Preview – E3 2015

When Nintendo released Star Fox 64 3D on the Nintendo 3DS, Miyamoto made an off-handed comment that its sales would determine the franchise’s future. When the game failed to make a significant splash on the sales charts, many w...