Steam Weekend Bargain Bin: 20/07/2012 – 23/07/2012

July 20, 2012

Have you been slowly draining your bank accounts with all the Steam games on special? Thankfully (or perhaps not), there are only a few days of the Steam Summer Sale left.

Here’s a listing of the games that are part of today’s deals:

Plants vs. Zombies: USD$2.49 / AUD$2.39
Fallout New Vegas: USD$9.99 / AUD$9.59
Alan Wake: USD$7.49 / AUD$7.19
Krater: USD$7.49 / AUD$7.19
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: USD$19.99 / AUD$19.18
Gratuitous Tank Battles: USD$6.79 / AUD$6.51
Indie Bundle VIII: USD$9.99 / AUD$9.59
Amnesia: The Dark Descent: USD$4.99 / AUD$4.79
Sniper Elite V2USD$24.99 / AUD$23.97

For the complete list of Steam specials, please visit the Steam Store.