Steam Weekend Bargain Bin: 19/10/2012 – 22/10/2012

October 19, 2012

This weekend’s Steam bargain bin features yet another free weekend (not that we’re complaining). This time it’s for the controversial Payday: The Heist. As always, the full version of the game is heavily discounted as well at 75% off. Keeping in theme with the heavy violence is Sleeping Dogs, available this weekend for 50% off, bringing it down to a very reasonable price of USD$24.99. Not bad for a game that staff writer Jarrod Mawson described as “one of my favourite sandbox games from this generation”.


Selected specials on sale this weekend:

Payday: The Heist: USD$4.99 / AUD$4.82
Payday: The Heist: Wolfpack DLC: USD$2.49 / AUD$2.41
Sleeping Dogs: USD$24.99 / AUD$24.14

For the complete list of Steam specials, please visit the Steam Store.