Steam Weekend Bargain Bin: 10/08/2012 – 13/08/2012

August 10, 2012

Another weekend of free play awaits Steam users, with the multiplayer first-person arena shooter Nexuiz free to pick up and try out until Monday. The game is also notable for having full Steam Workshop support, allowing players to share custom maps. Nexuiz can also be purchased for 75% off.

In other news, it’s a very happy 6th birthday for publisher Kalypso and gamers are the ones who get the goodies. Kalypso is behind titles such as Tropico, Dungeons and Jagged Alliance and there is at least 50% off these titles and more. The only exclusions to this deal are Jagged Alliance: Crossfire and Legends of Pegasus. Alternatively, you could go the whole hog and purchase the entire Kalypso catalogue, a collection of 11 games.

Selected games on special this weekend:

Nexuiz: USD$2.50 / AUD$2.37
Nexuiz 4-Pack: USD$7.49 / AUD$7.12
Kalypso Collection: USD$49.99 / AUD$47.50

For the complete list of Steam specials, please visit the Steam Store.