Square-Enix Announced a Slate of Dragon Quest Games Today

May 27, 2021

Dragon Quest XII Logo

If I think of Japanese RPG series that rival Final Fantasy in both their impact and number of releases, there’s only one series that comes to mind: Dragon Quest. With 11 mainline releases (Check out our reviews of XI and Builders 2), countless spin-off games and plenty of media adaptations over its 35 years on earth, the series is easily one of the most enduring in gaming. Now, Square-Enix have announced a slate of games at a special 35th anniversary celebration today.

The announcements cover a number or different forms, but one thing is common between all of them: they have absolutely no confirmed platforms for release. Four games were officially announced today, with none of them having confirmed release dates or platforms, while three of them were confirmed to receive simultaneous worldwide release. That’s right, Square-Enix are confirming worldwide releases for three of these games, which is almost unheard of in the series. Check out each of the announced games below:

Dragon Quest XII – The next mainline game, which developers have flagged will be a more ‘adult’ game and will move to a new combat system. Confirmed for a simultaneous worldwide release.

Dragon Quest III 2D-HD Remake – A remake of the third game in the series using the 2D-HD tech developed for Octopath Traveller. Confirmed for a Worldwide release.

Dragon Quest Treasures – Seemingly a 3D platform set within the Monsters series. Confirmed for a simultaneous worldwide release.

Dragon Quest X Offline – A version for Square-Enid’s super successful MMO that is completely playable offline. Only confirmed for a Japanese release so far.