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DRAGON QUEST Builders gets free DLC

Square Enix today announced players can get a free DLC pack for DRAGON QUEST Builders by reading the free Dragon Quest Builders E-zine (issue #2 of the game’s e-mail newsletter). You can head straight to claiming the free DLC here. DRAGON QUEST Builders is an action role-playing sandbox game where players are tasked with the responsibility to rebuild a destroyed world. The game is set in Alefgard, and is based on a parallel ending of the original DRAGON QUEST game which launched three decades ago in 1986.

The free DLC pack includes a range of recipes to be used in-game, and you can read the full list below:

List of free in-game DRAGON QUEST Builders DLC:

    • 8-Bit Brick Recipe
    • Eyewall Recipe
    • Olde Worlde Wall Recipe
    • Retro Roof Recipe
    • Time-Honoured Turf Recipe

Dragon Quest Builders Screenshot

Build for fun. Build for adventure. Build to save the world in DRAGON QUEST Builders, the latest DRAGON QUEST game from Square Enix on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VITA launched in October 2016. Check out some more screenshots below:

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