DRAGON QUEST Builders gets free DLC

December 18, 2016

Square Enix today announced players can get a free DLC pack for DRAGON QUEST Builders by reading the free Dragon Quest Builders E-zine (issue #2 of the game’s e-mail newsletter). You can head straight to claiming the free DLC here. DRAGON QUEST Builders is an action role-playing sandbox game where players are tasked with the responsibility to rebuild a destroyed world. The game is set in Alefgard, and is based on a parallel ending of the original DRAGON QUEST game which launched three decades ago in 1986.

The free DLC pack includes a range of recipes to be used in-game, and you can read the full list below:

[toggle_box title=”List of free in-game DRAGON QUEST Builders  DLC:” width=”Width of toggle box”]

    • 8-Bit Brick Recipe
    • Eyewall Recipe
    • Olde Worlde Wall Recipe
    • Retro Roof Recipe
    • Time-Honoured Turf Recipe[/toggle_box]

Dragon Quest Builders Screenshot

Build for fun. Build for adventure. Build to save the world in DRAGON QUEST Builders, the latest DRAGON QUEST game from Square Enix on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VITA launched in October 2016. Check out some more screenshots below: