Scuf Gaming Controllers Come to Australia

December 5, 2016

Scuf Gaming, creators of high-end highly customised gaming controllers for PC and consoles, have teamed up with Bluemouth Interactive to officially bring their controllers to the Australian market for the first time.┬áIf you’re big on esports, you’ll likely have seen Scuf Gaming controllers before, with 90% of professional gamers using their controllers due to their fully modular paddle system, modular thumbsticks and great build quality.

In the past, Australians could order Scruf Gaming controllers from their website, however they were shipped from the US or UK, leading to some protracted shipping times. With Bluemouth Interactive handling local distribution, you will now be able to order directly from Australia and receive you controller quickly, as well as receive local support if anything goes wrong.

Scuf Gaming Xbox One and Playstation 4 controllers can be ordered right now directly from Bluemouth Interactive’s website. Check out some pictures and trailers below showing off the controllers you can now pick up.