E3 2021: OtterBox Xbox Power Swap Batteries Revealed

June 11, 2021

Fresh out of E3 2021, OtterBox has revealed it is entering the video gaming accessories market, launching the OtterBox Xbox Power Swap Batteries unit. The E3 OtterBox booth has let us know that they’re very excited to be entering a new market, and have enjoyed working with Xbox on this product to provide the OtterBox level protection on a new platform.

For more than a year now we’ve been playing our Xbox Series X with AA batteries like plebs, waiting for a company, any company, to come along and release a rechargable docking station like what we enjoyed in the previous generation, and like what PlayStation 5 had in its official hardware range at launch.

The Power Swap Controller Batteries feature the industry’s first on-the-fly hot-swap design,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. “Providing uninterrupted power is the natural evolution of our gaming portfolio that allows seamless, ongoing gameplay for console and cloud gamers alike.

The OtterBox Xbox Power Swap Batteries unit will include two battery units, the charging dock, and mounting cages for Xbox Wireless Controllers, giving you better access to recharging your Xbox controllers, and keeping them fully charged when not in use.

Xbox Power Swap

At $59.95 USD, the OtterBox Xbox Power Swap Batteries unit is not cheap, but OtterBox is known for its quality accessories, and this unit is designed to provide continuous power. A reserve cell connected to the controller maintains its power while allerting you to swap out the main battery on the fly, meaning you’ll never see that pesky ‘Controller Disconnected’ message in the middle of a battle or race.

While the Power Swap Batteries are launching in the United States via the OtterBox website, we’ve been informed by their E3 booth that an Australian launch is expected at a later date, and they’ll have more information about that at PAX Australia later this year.

Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for more on OtterBox, and for all the latest information regarding OtterBox gaming accessories, make sure to check out their gaming website!