Rumour: Prince of Persia Remake In Development

August 20, 2020

Prince of Persia is a franchise that seemed to suddenly disappear without warning. While it was never the most successful franchise in the world, games in the series sold and were received relatively well. Despite that, the series disappeared after a couple of Xbox 360 games (including the fantastic reboot in 2008), seemingly in favour of focussing on Assassin’s Creed, a series that famously started life as a Prince of Persia game.

Now it looks like the franchise might finally coming back, with a Guatemalan retailer listing Prince of Persia Remake on their site. There’s no further details given, so we don’t really know what this is a remake of, be it an UbiArt remake of the original game or a remake of the sixth generation Prince of Persia trilogy, but we can likely expect to find out during the next Ubisoft Forward. Personally, I’d absolutely love a remake or sequel to Prince of Persia 2008, but given the lack of a colourful headscarf in the image used on the site, I imagine that’s unlikely.

Either way, any return of the series will be greatly appreciated by starved fans, so hopefully we hear and see something in the near future regarding Prince of Persia Remake. Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for any further updates.