Rumour: Prey 2 Cancelled

March 24, 2012

Bad news for open world fans: all signs are pointing towards the cancellation of Prey 2, the open world shooter in development at Human Head Studios at the behest of Bethesda Softworks.

The news comes from Netherlands website PS Focus, who claim that, due the game’s unexpected pull from GDC 2012, the future of the title is in limbo. Game Informer writer Jim Reilly took the next step, contacting Bethesda for an official statement and, as per his twitter, it is clear the parent company is dodging questions, sitting comfortably on “no comment”. PS Focus states that sometime next week we’ll get an official statement on the project’s status, with all likelihood being cancellation.

Prey 2 was set to follow on from the original Prey, though sharing the intellectual property name only. Mechanically, Prey 2 was to do away with the traditional run-and-gun shooting in favour of a Mirror’s Edge inspired sci-fi sandbox world, with a stronger emphasis on shoot-outs and chase sequences. Players would take on the role of Killian Samuels, an ex-U.S. Marshal stranded in an alien metropolis, making ends meet by playing the role of a galactic bounty hunter. Developed by ex-Starbreeze talent best known for working on Escape from Butcher Bay and The Darkness, the studio promised plenty of running, jumping, climbing and other action packed scenarios to please thrill seekers, as well as an open, dynamic game world that allowed players to go where they want and do what they please.

Despite seemingly distant from the gameplay of the original title, Prey 2 earned a loyal following after it’s debut announcement last year. If truly cancelled, there’s bound to be some upset sci-fi fans.

We’ll have more shortly.