Rocket Scares 2013: Free horror games for Halloween

October 25, 2013

Another year and another Halloween descends upon our mortal souls. Going to a costume party? Digging out a oujia board? Trying a new ritual? No matter what you’re doing, hopefully nothing too terrifying happens to you. Instead, simulate fear for free with Rocket Chainsaw’s picks of the best free horror games available in the murky depths of the world wide web. Just remember to turn the lights down and the volume up.

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Please note that these games have mature themes and are not suitable for younger players.

Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare
Type: Downloadable game for Windows


Imscared sees you attempting to escape the clutches of a being called White Face. What really sets it apart from the standard horror game are the clever ways the game breaks the fourth wall and its various attempts to mess with you (ala Irisu Syndrome, which we covered last year). And trust me – it will.


You Must Escape
Type: Flash browser game


A minimalist, yet highly effective title that relies on sound. Find your way through the dark corridors while avoiding the evil that lurks within. An amazing game, considering it was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare.


Type: Flash browser game


Misadventure offers a window into the past, where a child plays an Atari game that holds the fate of the world. Guide the child’s avatar and defeat the demons that threaten to break through and cause havoc in the real world. Revel in the retro graphics and music, but keep your wits about you or doom humanity to extinction.


3 Blind Mice: A Remediation Game for Improper Children
Type: Downloadable game for Windows


Here’s one for the kids! Well, not quite. 3 Blind Mice is a little ‘educational’ game in which a pair of mice weakly ask you to solve various questions, the corpse of their comrade lying between them, staring up at the ceiling, sockets blank. What’s truly impressive about this game is the narrative it spins around its existence, hinting a dark, dystopian world where bad little children are carted off somewhere sinister.

Type: Downloadable game for Windows


One of my personal favourite RPG Maker games, Ib is an adventure game about a girl who finds herself lost in a topsy-turvy version of an art gallery she had been visiting with her parents. Expect a surrealism at its finest, devious puzzles and a surprisingly powerful and moving story. A must-play.
The House / The House 2
URL: /
Flash browser game


Games from back in the day when Flash games were all the rage, The House and its sequel The House 2 are still pretty spooky, if somewhat repetitive and heavily reliant on jump scares. In each instalment, you (foolishly) break into abandoned houses that have been sealed up for a reason and quickly learn that yes, these houses are cursed as hell. (TIP: As per some old Flash games, hammering TAB to find the hot spots works in The House.)


I See You
Type: Downloadable game for Windows & Mac


Another fourth-wall breaking gem, I See You has you exploring a curiously empty hospital. As we know, this is always a recipe for disaster. But just wait until you see what the game has in store!


A Dark Room
HTML 5 browser game


A text adventure game built in HTML 5, A Dark Room conjures up nice imagery and atmosphere despite its minimalism. There’s a touch of strategy in here as well; build your village and manage your resources to survive in the game’s bleak and harsh world.


Flash browser game


Raptus is a short, touching and poignant work of interactive fiction with a dark twist. So short, in fact, that we can’t really say any more without spoiling it.


Have any suggestions or freaky favourites? Will you be playing any of these in the lead up to Halloween? Let us know in the comments!