Rocket Chainsaw Staff Roundtable Volume 1 – E3 2015

June 1, 2015

In the first Rocket Chainsaw Staff Roundtable of 2015, we discuss our expectations and most anticipated titles ahead of this year’s E3.






With the announcement of Halo 5 and the introduction of the ‘new’ character Locke, my eagerness for the sci-fi series wavered at the possibility of seeing less screen time of my favourite space marine, Master Chief. Everyone remembers the distain of seeing Chief’s role diluted in Halo 2, and I sincerely hope 343 Industries does not make the same mistake as Bungie.

Nevertheless, while my scepticisms of a second primary Spartan soldier remain, my anticipation for the fifth entry, subtitled Guardians, has now quadrupled as the Microsoft marketing machine has gotten into gear. Stories of Master Chief going rogue and the social-media driven rivalry between our main green-armoured character and newcomer Locke, culminating in a Spartan versus Spartan showdown, has piqued my interest. Conversely, could this also just be a ploy by ONI to discredit the Master Chief?

Halo 5 sees the return of the Arbiter, I note as a supporting character, and the introduction of Blue Team, of whom fans of the Halo literature shall be very familiar with, into the game lore. This acknowledgement of the wider Halo canon has been on every diehard player’s wishlist for years. Engrossing episodes of Hunt the Truth, detailing journalist Benjamin Giraud’s propaganda-turned-expose piece on the Spartan Program have further whetted my appetite for the next Halo entry. In case it wasn’t obvious, my most anticipated game of E3 2015 is Xbox One exclusive Halo 5: Guardians.



When Mirror’s Edge first came out, it brought about a feeling of wonder that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Being so new and fresh compared to anything I had played before filled me with a sense of discovery that I rarely feel when I play games today. I felt like I had been transported back to when I first started discovering gaming and everything was new and I didn’t feel quite as jaded as I do today.

The slow sales of the game disappointed me and I expected that EA would just can the franchise and not go back to it. Especially in the current climate with more and more games moving towards a similar format and style in an attempt to avert risk. So to see a sequel announced at E3 2013 was a dream come true for me and with it being confirmed as a first quarter 2016 release I expect a big showing at E3. Hopefully the more open world DICE have discussed helps continue that sense of speed and wonder I felt in the first game.

It’s easily my most anticipated game, with only the expected announcement of Fallout 4 and a new showing of Crackdown coming close.



While there are a lot of games I’m looking forward to seeing, what’s taking my interest the most is the new Star Wars Battlefront.

I have fond memories playing the first two titles on my PS2 back in the day. I would come home from high school, rush dinner and play all through the night (what homework?). Being a Star Wars fan, I just loved fighting my way through the battlefield and getting a taste of what the films only showed glimpses of.

Fast forward to the previous generation, I was disappointed when Pandemic Studios closed and even more so when leaked footage of a cancelled Battlefront 3 hit YouTube. I really hope Dice stay true to the previous Battlefront formula and don’t turn it into Star Wars Battlefield. May the force be with you!



I think I speak for all of us here at Rocket Chainsaw Towers when I say that if there’s nothing regarding Fallout 4 at the Bethesda conference, then a violent and bloody revolution that leads to the downfall of Western civilisation as we know it will ensue. Doom 4 and Battlecry aren’t really games worthy of justifying such an event, so it’s either Fallout 4 or a new, non-MMO Elder Scrolls game, and I’d be happy with either.

Other than that, you can add me to the list of Rocket Chainsaw writers who want to see more of Mirror’s Edge 2. The first Mirror’s Edge is one of my favourite games of all time despite its flaws, and I really want to see more of that gorgeous dystopia.



Video games are dead. There is no hope for this industry. It’s nothing but trash. E3 will be littered with predictable sequels to tired franchises, trailers for continuously delayed blockbusters long past relevance, and depressingly sparse release schedules filled with unwanted last generation ports. All that’s left of video games is madness and disdain. We are living in the end times and oblivion awaits us all.

I’m also looking forward to Mass Effect 4.