Halo 5 story details emerge

June 10, 2015

Game Informer has revealed new details about Halo 5’s single-player campaign.

The campaign will involve a new Blue Team accompanying Master Chief, a sub-unit of the Spartan-II division. The team consists of Linda, Fred and Kelly who were abducted when they were six years old and turned into super soliders. The trio have previously appeared in the Halo expanded universe, which details their training and adventures before the events of Halo 5.

In the game, Master Chief and Blue Team have been declared AWOL by the military and are on the run. Later, the campaign will focus on Spartan Jameson Locke from the Halo: Nightfall TV series. Locke recruits his own team, Fireteam Osiris, and has been assigned the task of capturing Master Chief or terminating him for good.

The campaign will support up to 4-player co-op, with each player controlling a different member of the squad.

Halo 5 is scheduled to be released for Xbox One worldwide on October 27.