PS4 Pro World’s Most Powerful Console (In The 80’s!)

October 28, 2016

PlayStation UK has just uploaded a new trailer for the super-charged PS4 Pro, and it’s not what we were expecting. Featuring “Zombies in Spaceland”, only available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the PS4 Pro is dubbed as ‘The World’s Most Powerful Console!”

With just two weeks until the worldwide launch of the PS4 Pro, the trailer firmly reminds us that Sony is still in the game. Check out the tweet below:

‘Wooah!! Super fresh graphics that are so real…’

PS4 Pro includes improved hardware, allowing games to deliver more detail and visual precision. It will offer true 4K definition in movies and games, as well as higher and more stable frame-rates. All PS4 Pro games will are cross-compatible with the original PS4, and players will still be able to play together online, regardless of which PS4 they own.

The PS4 Pro is due out on the 10th of November, 2016.