Plants vs Zombies Gets A Sequel

August 21, 2012

Put down those chainsaws and shotguns, because plants are all you’ll be needing to combat your pesky zombie infestations. PopCap games have announced today that their highly popular tower defense game, Plants vs Zombies is getting the sequel treatment. First released for PC in 2009, Plants vs Zombies challenged players to ward off an approaching swarm of zombies by strategically placing plants in order to stop their advance. They were no ordinary plants though, as they truly came to life, firing damaging seeds, impeding the zombies’ progress, and more.

The sequel to is expected to launch by late autumn of 2013, and as you’d expect, it’ll include a wide range of new features, plants, zombies, settings, and situations. No other details on Plants vs Zombies 2 are available at this point, but we’ll keep you up to date as we find out more.