Plantronics End-of-the-Year Headphone Line-up Highlights VR

September 24, 2016

There’s many reasons to invest in a quality gaming headset – from competitive gaming to playing in shared space, but one big reason that has emerged this year has been the onset of VR games. Every VR headset requires a good headphone solution to complete the experience, as positional audio is an important factor in immersing yourself in the gameplay.

With the PlayStation VR releasing in October, Plantronics have come up with a solution specifically for the headset with the RIG 4VR. Designed with a colour scheme and look to match the PSVR itself, the headset also includes a cable management system, with a long and a short version of the audio cable to allow it to connect to the PS4’s controller, the PSVR, PC systems and other devices.


I was able to try out the RIG 4VR with an actual PSVR thanks to Plantronics, testing out the recent Resident Evil VII ‘Lantern’ demo, which if you’ve seen any footage from, involves a lot of hiding and waiting around.

My thoughts on the demo aside, the virtual surround of the headset seemed to be excellent, and necessary for the ‘Lantern’ demo in particular – as you’re required to know where the stalking Lantern lady is at all times in order to avoid her – even when you’re not able to see her. The RIG 4VR added a lot to the atmosphere of the demo, and proved that quality headsets will be necessary for horror VR experiences in particular, as the technology continues to evolve. It was also very comfortable, and fit over the headset very well, making for a pretty easy set-up.


Beyond the RIG 4VR, Plantronics also have several other headsets lined up for many other areas of the market. At the entry level price point of AU $79.99, the RIG 400HS and 400HX (for PlayStation and Xbox respectively), are the new kids on the block for gamers looking to get a competitive edge in gaming. They feature a removable boom, noise cancelling microphone, inline controls, a padded band (that can be swapped out, as the headset is modular) and new drivers that surpass even the RIG 500. The headset is currently set for release in October/November this year.


The RIG 600 is a further upgraded headset, designed for comfort with perforated leather and high fidelity speakers. Very lightweight to hold, and with an option for an inline mic or boom mic, it’s a versatile option for games, movies or music, retailing for AU $149.99 and due in September.


Finally, there are also the new RIG 800HS and 800HX, which are the latest wireless models from Plantronics. Again built with a very lightweight design, the headsets feature a 24 hour battery life, although they can be used while charging as well – a 30 minute charge will also get you up to 3 hours. For super high quality audio input, the receiver unit also has an optical input. The RIG 800HS and 800HX will be available in November, at AU $249.99.



Stay tuned for more details as these headsets hit store shelves over the coming months!