Panel Schedule for PAX Aus 2022 goes live via app

September 22, 2022

PAX Aus 2022 is closing in fast, only a few weeks away until it kicks off from October 7 – October 9 at the MCEC. PAX goers can now finally see the full panel schedule, via a mobile app that has been launched on the App Store and Google Play Store. 

The app right now seems to cover everything, from panels to qualifier game matches at Console and Tabletop Freeplay and everything in-between across the three days, so it’s worth having a bit of a browse so you can plan your weekend accordingly.

Highlighted panels by PAX include ‘The Great Debate: Remakes and Reboots are Killing New Ideas’, ‘How to Pitch Devolver’ and a ‘Beautifully Geeky Conversation with Beauty and the Geek’.

The schedule will go up on the main website as well in the coming days.