PAX AUS 2017: Dumb Ways to Die enters VR

October 29, 2017

Dumb Ways to Die has proven to be one of Melbourne’s best viral exports. Intended initially as a campaign promoting safe behaviour around trains, the video and accompanying song wound up being viewed 155 million times and subsequent mobile games based around the idea have hit 280 million downloads around the world.

At PAX AUS this year, the Dumb Ways to Die team were ready to show off a new, but early, pilot of a brand new title, DumbVR. While still in development and looking for feedback to improve the experience, the game was certainly a hit with PAX-goers with lines around the booth to try it out. Leah Waymark, CEO of Dumb who was on hand at the booth, said that the series’ trademark humour and music was key to delivering the serious message of safety around Metro trains, and that DumbVR was just one new project in development from the team. Also on the horizon is another currently-unofficially announced addition to the Dumb series of games, one that will potentially deliver a much deeper gameplay experience.

The Dumb team also presented a panel discussing the success and importance of the series at PAX Australia.