Hand Of Fate 2 Is Coming To PAX And The Tabletop

November 1, 2016

Rule & Make, publishers of board games like Burger Up, Rise to Power and Entropy, are officially teaming up with Defiant Development to produce a board game based on Hand of Fate. The board game will be based on elements from both the original Hand of Fate and its upcoming sequel Hand of Fate 2, which we tried out at E3 this year.

Morgan Jaffit, had this to say about the new partnership for this project:

“When we started thinking seriously about a physical version, we spoke to a few different people in the space, but it was Rule & Make who we really wanted to work with, largely because they were local, passionate, creative, and knew our game inside out.”

“In terms of the tabletop version, we’re really looking forward to having an actual game we can unfold with friends, and we’re excited by some of the mechanics ideas Rule & Make have in mind.”

Defiant Development will also be at Pax Australia from November 4 to 6, showing off Hand of Fate 2 for the first time in Australia, so make sure to drop by and check it out.

Further details on exactly how the Hand of Fate boardgame will look and play will come in the future and Hand of Fate 2 is due for release on PC and Xbox One in the first quarter of 2017.