E3 2019: Xbox Press Conference Wrap-Up

June 10, 2019

Join us for the E3 2019 Xbox E3 Press Conference as we live blog our way through the two hour presentation. What’s in store for Xbox this year at E3 2019? Will we get some Halo Infinite or Gears 5 gameplay? What more will we learn about the leaked George R.R. Martin project Elden Ring? How about some news on the Forza Horizon 4 expansion due out in the first half of the year? Will there be any big surprises that haven’t already been leaked? Find out everything below:

E3 2019 is in full gear now, so stay with us as we cover every press conference in AEST time! Also head to the official Xbox YouTube page if you want to watch the E3 2019 Xbox press conference in full.

Whether it’s Halo Infinite, Gears 5, the next-gen console, Xcloud, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Elden Ring or more, all the big reveals are below and we’ve added all the release dates we could get our hands on.

The show started with some trailers for upcoming games that we already knew were coming. Check out the trailers for The Outer Worlds, Bleeding Edge, Ori and the Will of the Wisp, and Minecraft Dungeons.

The Outer Worlds will launch on October 25, 2019:


Here’s the Bleeding Edge trailer:


Ori and the Will of the Wisps will launch on February 11, 2020:


And Minecraft Dungeons is coming in Autumn 2020:


An epic Cyberpunk 2077 backdrop has appeared and an epic cinematic trailer ended with a reboot twist introducing Mr. Fusion, AKA Keanu Reeves! The backdrop then raised to reveal a cloud of smoke and Keanu himself standing there. Keanu has been working behind the scenes with CD Projekt Red and is in love with Cyberpunk 2077 and can’t wait to share the game with the rest of us. His character will be a vital support role throughout the Cyberpunk 2077 story.

Keanu then had the pleasure of announcing the release date, Cyberpunk 2077 will launch on April 16, 2020. Watch the epic Cyberpunk 2077 cinematic trailer:


A world premiere Spiritfarer by Thunder Lotus was shown next:


Battletoads!! Play with Xbox Game Pass at launch in their biggest battle yet in a couch co-op party game. No release date given yet, but Battletoads fans can rest now knowing that their franchise is returning soon.


The next trailer shown was for a new game called RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, and looked like a bit of an educational game similar to Drawn to Life. Chec out the trailer below:


A whole bunch of ID @ Xbox games were then shown off including a Lord of the Rings tabletop card game which will be available free with the Xbox Games Pass. Inside Xbox at 6PM EDT will feature more of these upcoming indie games.


Batman Arkham Knight, Metro Exodus, Hollow Knight and Borderlands The Handsome Collection have all been added to the Xbox Games Pass today.

More details given on the Xbox Game Pass for PC.  Includes exclusive games like Imperator Rome and Football Manager 2019, as well as the entire Master Chief collection. Xbox Game Pass for PC launches in open beta today for $9.99 USD per month.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will give you Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for PC for $14.99 USD per month. Xbox is offering everyone their first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 during E3 2019.



We then got another world premiere, showing vast cities and landscapes. It’s the new Flight Simulator from Microsoft! Available with the Xbox Game Pass at launch, Microsoft has always led the way with Flight Simulator and now you can get up close with modern cities such as Dubai, as well as travel deep into the wilderness. No release date was given yet.


The next trailer was for Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. Remastered in 4K, fans have been desperate for a new Age of Empires and while this might not be an entirely new game, Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition will be available on the Xbox Game Pass.


Up next, a role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic Colorado Springs, it’s Wasteland 3!


Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty then took the stage to announce Double Fine Productions is joining the Xbox Game Studios as an in-house developer. Known for Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, Double Fine Productions’ Tim Schafer joined Matt on stage to reveal a brand new trailer for Psychonauts 2.


A Star Wars World Premiere was then shown, it’s a new Lego Star Wars coming to the Xbox Store. Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is in development!



Dragon Ball Z is next to take the stage with an epic new trailer for Dragon Ball: Kakarot which will launch in 2020.



Another world premiere, this one looks like a psychological thriller. It’s a top-down view of a couple talking, where the husband has already lived through the current events. It’s a Groundhog Day style game where your actions will have different consequences. It’s called 12 Minutes, check out the trailer below:



Next up we got a pretty game called Way to the Woods, at least it was until the lights went out. Play as a Doe and its fawn as you adventure through dark Japanese civilisation where humans no longer exist. Way to the Woods will be available on the Xbox Game Pass.


It’s time for Gears of War 5! A teaser trailer was shown before The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson took the stage to announce Gears of War 5 will launch on September 10, 2019. It will be available early on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.



WWE Superstars Xavier Woods, AJ Styles and Tyler Breeze are all going to be playing a new Gears 5 Escape mode during E3 2019 and fans can try to take them on. Check out Escape mode below:



Lastly, a Terminator Dark Fate pre-order bonus was revealed for Gears 5. Looks to be a playable character in multiplayer.



Next up Xbox has announced an all new Xbox One Elite controller featuring a rechargeable battery, new triggers and button designs, and three profiles meaning you can customise it for three different games you’re playing such as Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5 and Halo Infinite. Nothing else was revealed, but check out the trailer:


Dying Light 2 was then shown, with a tentative release date of Autumn 2020.


Another World Premiere, this time it’s the Forza Horizon 4 expansion! The new expansion will add LEGO! Rumours were circulating about Hot Wheels coming to Great Britain, so having Lego in Forza Horizon 4 is somewhat similar. The Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions expansion will launch in just three days on June 13, 2019.


Lego built a McLaren Senna out of lego using over a million pieces which will be on display during E3 2019.

We then got a new trailer for Gears Pop which you can check out here:


State of Decay 2: Heartland is next up, an all new expansion with two different paths. Available on the Xbox Game Pass today!


Yet another E3 2019 world premiere, this time it’s a Japanese remastered game featuring online cross-platform play.  It’s none other than Phantasy Star Online 2 coming in Autumn 2020.


Phil Spencer appeared in the crowd, saying he is very happy to welcome Sega back to the stage at the E3 2019 Xbox press conference.

Phil then revealed a new IP called Crossfire X, first to console on Xbox One in 2020. It looks like another war shooter but hard to tell without gameplay. Check out the trailer and stay tuned for more on this one:


Bandai Namco then got the chance to reveal a world premiere at the E3 2019 Xbox press conference, showing a new role playing game where planets are destroyed. It’s the 4Chan leak Tales of Arise, coming 2020:


It’s time for some more Borderlands 3 and as we already knew the game will launch on the 13th of September 2019. There’s plenty of Borderlands to love however, as mentioned earlier in the conference you can now play the full Borderlands Handsome Collection free on the Xbox Game Pass.


Another World Premiere, finally we get to see more of the new game from Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin, it’s Elden Ring! It’s looking very Game of Thrones-esque, which is definitely not a bad thing. Here’s hoping for more than just a cinematic trailer throughout E3 2019, but either way you can check out the trailer below:



Phil Spencer then headed back on to the stage to reveal more details about the Xcloud, Microsoft’s streaming service as well as the next-gen console! Over the past few days Xbox has been teasing the Project Scarlet announcement through their teasers so this reveal wasn’t a complete surprise. The trailer shows Xbox is attempting to bring all devices together for the next generation. A transformative, immersive, detailed device making it easier to get in and stay in the game.

Some of the specs of the new console were shown off, with Project Scarlett getting an official “Holiday 2020” release date which means we’re just 18 months away from the next generation of console gaming.


The first big next-generation title will be none other than Halo Infinite, which we were then given a trailer for. The trailer shows Master Chief being rescued in space, and a brief glimpse at the start of the Halo Infinite story. A halo has been destroyed, and now it’s up to Master Chief to save the universe again.

Not much else was revealed about Halo Infinite, we’re assuming they want to keep a lot of the details for future presentations. What we can confirm though is when they showed the Holiday 2020 release date they did not show that it would be releasing exclusively on Project Scarlett, meaning there is still hope for a cross-generational launch.

Watch the Halo Infinite E3 2019 trailer below:


And that’s a wrap! What was your favourite moment in the E3 2019 Xbox press conference? Let us know on social media.