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Here’s The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Story Trailer

Capcom has today released the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne story trailer ahead of the game’s launch in September. Winter has well and truly arrived in Monster Hunter World as players will embark to the frosty reaches to take on some of the most epic ice monsters ever seen. More is expected at E3 2019 including hands-on options on the show floor.

What is the mythical Velkhana and what other mysteries will players find hidden underneath layers of ice and snow? The Iceborne story trailer unfortunately leaves us with more questions than answers. Let’s hope E3 2019 will explain the expansion a bit more!

Watch the official Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Story Trailer below:


A flock of Legiana were spotted fleeing from the Ancient Forest.Sensing they were on the cusp of something unusual, theResearch Commission decided to board the Third Fleet’s airshipand crossed the sea in pursuit. What they found past the roughseas was a new landmass, locked beneath snow and ice.

Unleash Your Hunting Spirit! A new world awaits, with more powerful monsters, and challenging master rank quests!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will launch on September 6, 2019 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, with a Windows PC version launching later in the year on Steam.

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