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E3 2017: Link Becomes The Dragonborn in Skyrim for Switch

Bethesda’s E3 2017 press conference, Bethesdaland, has just ended and while we were sure that Skyrim for Switch would be shown, Bethesda has still managed to surprise us with the reveal that the Breath of the Wild Link amiibo will unlock the ability to dress your character up as Link in the game.

The trailer also showed off the brand new motion controls that have been added to the game, allowing you to attack enemies by moving your joycon around. The trailer didn’t confirm if other amiibo would be supported by the game and the lack of the Special Edition moniker leads us to believe this is a new edition of Skyrim built to support the Switch and not a straight port of the original or Special Edition variants.

No release date was confirmed for Skyrim Switch, but keep an eye on Rocket Chainsaw after Nintendo’s E3 2017 showcase on Wednesday for any further news.

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