E3 2016: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Preview

June 15, 2016

Transcribed from notes taken by Andrew Cathie.

If you loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you should be excited by Mankind Divided. Successor to Human Revolution, and starring the titular Adam Jensen, Mankind Divided looks to be one of Square-Enix’s biggest games of the year. Naturally present at E3 2016, we went hands on with a tutorial mission to see just how it’s shaping up.

In many ways it’s “more of the same”, only dialled to 11. That means the staple of lethal/non-lethal options, and long/short range combat encounters, is better than before. We found the cover system in particular more fluid than Human Revolution, as it features a tactical movement system not unlike The Division (though classic movement is still an option). Similarly to cover, combat also feels more responsive and fluid.

For our brief time with the game we chose to go the short range non-lethal path, that being a stun gun. Our augmentations ran off a gradually replenishing energy pool, and included smart vision (see enemies through walls), stealth cloak (invisibility, Icarus landing for surviving those long drops, and an ability that suppressed the sound we made. Most of these you’ll remember from Human Revolution, and they’re juts as useful here as before.

As before, levels are open with multiple paths to completion, catering to different load outs and adaptive play to target enemies. Though we don’t really have much to add that you haven’t already seen, we can safely say our hands-on experience was memorable and enjoyable, and we look forward to the full release later this year.