E3 2013: Ubisoft Conference

June 11, 2013

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/user/ubisoft


8:00 – We’re ready. But Ubisoft is not. Waiting!

8:01 – And we’re off! With Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains. Hitting up some guitar riffs. Because reasons.

8:02 – It’s a sneaky Rocksmith demo. Cantrell is now using Rocksmith voice commands to set up a “band” worth of instruments.

8:04 – Crowd goes wild. Guy can play. Aisha Tyler. Talking about session mode in Rocksmith, and how well it emulates a band. Alice in Chains tracks to appear in the game.

8:06 – Tyler doing her trademark dirty jokes. Welcoming everyone to the show. Ubisoft jumping hard into next generation.

8:09Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The biggest Splinter Cell ever. Single player, multiple co-op, and spies vs mercs.

8:12 – Trailer to kick stuff up. Introducing a mission. Very cinematic. Seems more of a summary trailer, showing off Sam’s equipment, like IR goggles and gyro copter things. Also lots of story. Due August.

8:14 – On to Rayman Legends. CG trailer of the general vibe and mood of the game, characters and such. Trailer has a lovely claymation style to it. September release.

8:16 – Showing some actual gameplay now. New trailer. Bright and colourful, and as great looking as it’s always been. “The biggest Rayman yet.”

8:20The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Game is about stealing from your neighbour, and protecting your pile of loot. Mixes strategy with role playing. Game is in closed beta. You can head to the official website and join. Trailer, nicely styled, good humour.

8:23South Park and the Stick of Truth. In-game graphics look identical to the show. “Coming this holiday season. Or some holiday season. You know how video games are.” Thanks Cartman.

8:24 – Yves Guillemot on stage. Aisha joking about how she’s a giant. Entering the next section, which is focused on next generation software. First off, The Crew.

8:27The Crew is a racing game. Pre rendered trailer showing cars flying down the street, as well as customisation.

8:30 – Creative director of The Crew on stage. Focus is on more variety in a video game world bigger than every created, for a racing game anyway. Objective is to infiltrate and take  down criminal organisations one city at a time. Lots of customisation and data sharing.

8:33 – Gameplay footage now. One layer racing in the city. Another in mountainous forest terrain. Another on an outer highway. Each using different vehicles. Game world looks huge.

8:37 – Plenty of customisation, from frames to wheels. Showing off co-op gameplay now, driving around Miami. Covering a lot of terrain. Game looks good!

8:44 – Moving on to Watch_Dogs now. New trailer. The leaked CG trailer from a couple of days ago.

8:46 – Getting down and dirty with Just Dance now. You dance. To songs!

8:48Rabbids Invasion announced. It’s a TV show, with some interactive element. CGI. Looks silly fun.

8:50 – Adrian Lacy, working on the show. Discussing the interactive qualities, talking about how people tend to think and yell things at characters in shows they’re watching. Xbox One collaboration. Not surprising, given the TV.

8:52 – Showing the interactive quality now. In the show, the Rabbids are using chicken eggs to fight each other. You can point at the screen and participate in a throwing game, attacking the characters. Now showing a screaming minigame. This is why I don’t have kids.

8:53Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Swashbuckling time. CG trailer.

9:01 – Talking about the game now. “An invitation to fight, roam and explore. To immerse yourself in one of the most ambitious open world games ever.” In-game footage. Looks nice.

9:03 – New Trials game. TWO Trials games. Trials Fusion for next gen consoles and PC, and a Trials Frontier for mobile devices. Both due 2014. Fusion uses a new trick system that lets you fly through the air. Some kind of connectivity between the two.

9:07 – New game announced, by Massive Entertainment. Talking about some kind of bio disaster, causing a “dark winter”. Lots of drama about how fragile the world is, power of money, viruses, etc.

9:16 – Gameplay now. Great graphics. Third person, shooter. Tactical combat focus. Minimalistic hud. Open world. Very fancy technology used by the characters, like homing roller mines and armed gyrocopters. Lots of environment scanning to get extra information. After getting good loot, they’re forced to extract, but get entangled with a group of opposing players. Final name: Tom Clancy’s The Division. A full online open world RPG game.

9:17 – And that’s it!