First look at the Kingdom of the Dead in Darksiders II

July 19, 2012

New Game Plus have posted a first look at one of the worlds that players will visit in Darksiders II: Death Lives, namely the Kingdom of the Dead.

The Kingdom of the Dead is a bleak landscape, lorded over by a flying citadel known as the ‘Eternal Throne’. Here, Death can receive quests from the Dead King, and use the Eternal Throne to dock at various dungeons. The video also mentions the much more RPG-like approach Darksiders II is taking with its levelling system, with an increased focus on merchants.

You can check out the video here, and be sure to tune into the show next Monday at 10:30pm, Channel 31 (Melbourne) to see Anthony and Jarrod talk about the most unlikeable video-game protagonists they can think of!