Daily Gaming News – 8/12/12

December 8, 2012

According to Wikipedia, Saturday is the day of the week following Friday and preceding Sunday. Fascinating. Well, with that nugget of information under our belts, let’s get on with today’s exciting gaming news already.


  • NEWS: Are you one of the many gamers looking forward to Naughty Dog’s latest project, PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last of Us? Well, there’s some good news today, as the game’s release date has finally been announced. The Last of Us will be available on┬áMay 7, 2013. Start those countdown timers.
  • NEWS: As announced on Spike’s website, the winners of the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards have been revealed. Halo 4 took home the title of ‘Xbox 360 game of the year’, while Journey was the winner for PlayStation 3. The Wii and newly released Wii U were lumped into a single category, with New Super Mario Bros. U being decided on as game of the year. You can check out the full results on Spike’s website.
  • NEWS & VIDEO: Square-Enix are pushing the new Tomb Raider game pretty hard, and they put on a bit of a show at the Spike Video Game Awards. The new voice of Lara Croft (Camilla Luddington) made an appearance, and a new trailer was shown, with the trailer’s backing music being provided by a live orchestra. Check out the trailer footage from the show, courtesy of GameTrailers.
  • NEWS & VIDEO: Also during the Spike Video Game Awards, an unusual trailer was shown for a new IP called The Phantom Pain. The game is being produced by a developer called Moby Dick Studio, a newcomer to the industry. What makes this piece of news particularly interesting is that the internet is now rife with people speculating that the game is actually Metal Gear Solid 5 in disguise. Why do they think that? NowGamer’s article offers a good summary. You can view the fairly bizarre trailer for yourself below:

[youtube id=”nSfajBs2nyQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • NEWS: Crytek have revealed the minimum, recommended, and high performance specs for the PC version of their upcoming shooter, Crysis 3. As you’d imagine, they’re quite high.
  • NEWS & VIDEO: As if The Phantom Pain hadn’t gotten people talking enough, From Software went ahead and announced that Dark Souls II is currently in development, during the Spike Awards. No solid details or target platforms were revealed, but they did release a fancy first trailer for the game, which you can feast your eyes on below:

[youtube id=”rPJaJ5ys_G0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]