Daily Gaming News – 5/11/2012

November 5, 2012

Victorian readers will be pleased to know that for most of the state Tuesday is a public holiday, thanks to the Melbourne Cup. That means you can indulge in some Monday night boozing, or whatever it is you do before public holidays, and top it off with some light gaming news reading courtesy of Rocket Chainsaw.

For the rest of the country, and New Zealand, you’ll just have to make do with the report itself. But that’s okay, because our Daily Gaming News report is pretty damn good!


  • NEWS: Sony PlayStation Australia has set up a pretty sweet Facebook promotional competition for their upcoming brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, giving fans the chance to win an assortment of great PlayStation goodies each day. Like, a PlayStation 3, Vita, and copy of the game every day. That’s how great. Check out the Facebook app and get brawling to win.
  • NEWS: Bethesda is far from done with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, teasing the next downloadable content pack with this curious image. What does it mean? We don’t know, but fingers crossed for dragon mounts.
  • VIDEO: BioWare’s Mass Effect Trilogy has it’s own three-game specific trailer now. Give it a watch if you’re keen to jump into the series.

[youtube id=”PfHxklxMhA4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • NEWS: Speaking with French website Final Fantasy Dream, a technology director at Square-Enix has stated that last years very impressive Agni’s Philosophy tech demo will again be shown in June 2013, on something other than PCs. Putting two and two together, we think it’s pretty obvious the tech demo will be shown in some form on either Microsoft or Sony’s next generation platforms at E3 2013.
  • NEWS: A pretty swish looking native 720p and full 60fps recording of the E3 2012 trailer for Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101 has surfaced. Check it out here.
  • VIDEO: More TrackMania 2? More TrackMania 2. Nadeo has announced TrackMania 2: Valley, a lush valley themed racing game build on the core TrackMania 2 formula. Announcement trailer below.

[youtube id=”9hfCcQG5n5M” width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • NEWS: Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, remake of the original Painkiller in Unreal Engine 3, has been released on Steam. Why are you reading this? Go mow down some demons.
  • NEWS: All Games Beta has images of a fancy European collectors edition for DmC: Devil May Cry. Called the ‘Son of Sparda Edition‘, the pack comes with a replica of Dante’s necklace, the Samurai Pack DLC, and fancy cardboard packaging. Hopefully we get it too!
  • VIDEO: Want to know more about Hitman: Absolution‘s living, breathing world of NPCs? Then why not watch this Living, Breathing World trailer!

[youtube id=”a0be1AcTvN8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]