Daily Gaming News – 12/08/13

August 12, 2013

  • NEWS: Cory Barlog is returning to Sony Santa Monica. “Who?”, you ask? Well, Cory Barlog’s claim to fame is lead animator on the first God of War, before moving on to direct God of War II, and finally directing the first few months of God of War III. He left Sony Santa Monica late 2007, eventually joining Crystal Dynamics in 2012 to work as cinematic director for Tomb Raider. Now…he’s back…at Sony Santa Monica…and more game director-y than ever before.
  • NEWS: Beholden to the requests (read: demands) of avid cosplayers, Irrational Games has provided their BioShock Infinite feverish community with a full look at Elizabeth’s new costume in the upcoming Burial at Sea DLC pack. You can full look at noir Elizabeth here, and with a bit of extra digging around the internet get a glimpse at some early cosplay attempts. Among other images, we’re sure.
  • NEWS: The Xbox One will include two free AA batteries for your controller. Weyo.
  • NEWS: How well did the belated Mortal Kombat PC release perform? According to series director Ed Boon; “WAY, WAY above expectations”. Hopefully strong sales will encourage other fighting game developers to bring their titles to the PC distribution.
  • NEWS: Celebrating the remastering of the NES classic DuckTales, the latest release by WayForward, Capcom has re-issued the very original NES build in a special gold cartridge, along with some other bonus goodies. Ars Technica has the scoop, along with a bunch of pretty pictures. We’re sure many of our readers would be all over something like this, but the release has sadly been limited to a strict 150 copies, and appears to have been given out specially to some websites.
  • NEWS: Whatever your opinion of the Australian Classification Board guidelines, they’re the laughing stock to EB Games New Zealand. A promotional image released by the company to push sales of the totally uncut release of Saint’s Row IV mocks the Australian release as the “cutback watered down anti wub wub Aussie version!”. See the image here.
  • VIDEO: The Wonderful 101 is almost here. Headlining a Nintendo Direct dedicated to the game, and a demo thrown up on the Australian Wii U eShop, Platinum has provided a director’s cut super launch trailer. It’s a big spoilery, but nonetheless wonderful.