Daily Gaming News – 1/02/13

February 1, 2013

It’s February! You know what that means! It’s February! You know what that means! It’s February! You know what that means!


  • NEWS: On February 20th 2013, that’s later this month, Sony is hosting what they’re calling the 2013 PlayStating Meeting. There’s a website of sorts here. We usually don’t like jumping the gun, but all signs point to this being the grand revealing of the PlayStation 4. Why? Well, outside of regular rumours indicating Sony (and Microsoft) would be revealing their systems prior to E3 2013 in June, the last time Sony held a PlayStation Meeting it was to blow the lid off the PlayStation Vita. Hardware, games, applications: the works. If history is to repeat, and there’s no reason to believe it wont, this year’s PlayStation Meeting will follow suit with Sony’s next generation system. Get excited! And check out the brief teaser video below.

[youtube id=”d-3GMHIgR-U” width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • NEWS: Rockstar has issued a press release detailing the launch plans for Grand Theft Auto V. Those expecting it in the first half of 2013 have permission to be disappointed. Grand Theft Auto V will launch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 17 September 2013. Worldwide, because Rockstar has the money to do so.
  • VIDEO: Dead Space 3 is almost among us. To see how the misadventures of Isaac Clarke look to pan out, check out this story trailer.

[youtube id=”0VfSMvg5wEg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • NEWS: First Devil May Cry, and now Resident Evil? Speaking with Eurogamer, Capcom’s Masachika Kwata, producer of Resident Evil: Revelations, has stated that a reboot for the Resident Evil series is always a possibility. The producer emphasised the need to preserve the core components that Resident Evil fans enjoy, along with shaping the formula to be more appealing to new gamers. And in his personal opinion, he would not be opposed with a reboot taking on open world qualities.
  • NEWS: Deep Silver has issued a press release announcing that Grasshopper Studios’ Killer is Dead shall be localised and published for the European and Oceania parts of the world sometime mid this year. Deep Silver also went on to confirm that the dual audio disk will allow fans to swap between English and subtitled Japanese audio production.
  • VIDEO: Remember Me‘s soundtack features an electronically manipulated London Philharmonica Orchestra score. Composers Olivier Deriviere and John Kurlander give some insight to their vision and product process in this developer diary.

[youtube id=”hq0MGHLmiN0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • NEWS: Remake of the popular Slender title, this time titled Haunt: The Real Slender, has hit version 1.1. The new release includes an entirely new area suitably called Death Camp, as well as an updated and far spookier Slender Man model, with new animations and behaviours. The team has also worked hard to crunch a bunch of bugs, and throw in Xbox 360 control pad support. Haunt: The Real Slender 1.1 can be downloaded here.
  • NEWS: Triumph Studios, the minds behind Overlord and Age of Wonders, has let their twitter followers know that they’ll be announcing their next big game in about a week. And so we’re letting you know the same thing too.
  • VIDEO: Guerilla Games’ Killzone: Mercenary for PlayStation Vita has a new trailer, proving once again that those guys and gals have a better handling of Sony hardware than almost anyone.

[youtube id=”VOV_rVrnezE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • VIDEO: A cool new and suitably ridiculous trailer for Earth Defence Force 2025 has been released, this time subtitled so us English speaking folk can understand what’s going on. Or at least try to.

[youtube id=”GRyM8BZv8Co” width=”600″ height=”350″]