Daily Gaming News – 10/12/2012

December 10, 2012

More news than you probably expected, for a Monday.


  • NEWS: Achievements/trophies for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance have been revealed over at Exophase. Curious folk should be cautious of spoilers, though we did note one particularly intimidating achievement. “Become the Lightning God” requires players complete the game on Revengeance difficult with S ranking for all stages. Time to separate the best from the rest.
  • NEWS: Famitsu has announced a new One Piece title. One Piece Pirate Warriors 2, sequel to the very successful One Piece Pirate Warriors, and continuing the Musou-based One Piece themed series. One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 will launch on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in the not too distant future.
  • NEWS: Speaking with Techtudo, Ubisoft Brazil’s managing director Bertrand Chaverot has stated the next entry in Assassin’s Creed will be heading to South America. This will likely continue the series’ tradition of picking time periods and locations rarely seen in the gaming medium.
  • NEWS: Did you like Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm? More could be one the way. Square-Enix has opened a Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm website teasing another game “coming soon”. Before fans get too excited, it’s possible this will not be a new Theatrhythm, but instead a port to other devices.
  • NEWS: The Official PlayStation Blog has given The Last of Us a solid release date, along with various pre-order goodies. The game will arrive on 7 May 2013, and retailers will be participating in distribution of the Sights & Sounds pack, as well as the Survival Pack. The former nets fans a copy of the game’s soundtrack, a dynamic The Last of Us theme for their PlayStation 3, and Winter Joel and Ellie avatars for their PlayStation Network account. The latter pack rewards with extra cash, customisable skins, experience, and melee booster for multiplayer, and bonus Ellie and Joel skins for those who’ve completed the single player. Yep, The Last of Us has multiplayer.
  • VIDEO: And here’s a new The Last of Us story trailer.

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